Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing

Wellbeing for Business Success

Would you like to create sustainable wellbeing within your Organisation?

Work-related stress accounts for 37% of work-related ill health and 45% of days lost in 2015/16, by far, the main factor cited as causing this absence is workload pressures, including tight deadlines and too much responsibility and a lack of managerial support. (HSE 2016).

This presents a significant opportunity for businesses not only in reducing costs related to sickness absence, but also to improving the health of the working population.

According to the CIPD Absence Management Survey 2016, 63% of Organisations are reported to be taking steps to identify and reduce stress in the workplace and 66% of organisations have a wellbeing strategy, plan or programme in place.  Nearly half of the respondents reported an increased focus on wellbeing and the main reason Organisations cite for this increase is because they want to be a great place to work.  In a demanding and competitive business world, it is no longer appropriate to rely on pay alone to attract and retain staff, wellbeing engagement is now a key indicator in business success.

So, what can we do to reduce stress and improve wellbeing?

Coaching for Wellbeing offer a variety of solutions that can support your business including:

  1. 1-2-1 Workplace strategy coaching
  2. A tailored consultancy programme to highlight the impact of stress on productivity and profits, and to support Organisations implementing an effective wellbeing agenda.  
  3. Bespoke training programmes leading to increased staff engagement and Organisational success through Employee Wellbeing and Resilience.

Workplace Strategy Coaching

Would you like to improve your performance at work?  Are you a manager or business owner who would like to provide support to a member of staff?

We are delighted to offer you a dedicated provision for workplace strategy coaching sessions for your staff.  These intensive sessions are designed to support your staff improve performance, productivity and skills through:

  • Improved organisation
  • Improved time management
  • Improved stress management
  • Improved manager effectiveness

Workplace strategy coaching sessions are undertaken 1-2-1 in the workplace.  They last for 2-3hrs and are designed to equip your staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to implement strategies to improve their performance, productivity and skills.  A one-off session can be arranged however for best results we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.

Cost per 2hr strategy coaching session £195

6 x 2hrs strategy coaching sessions £899

Working Well Consultancy Service

Supporting Business through Employee and Workplace Wellbeing


To empower Organisations to understand the impact of stress on productivity and profits and to make appropriate changes to gain Organisational success through Employee and Workplace Wellbeing.

Working Well Objectives:

Senior Leaders will be able to:

Understand stress and the impact on individuals and the organisation

  • Understand the characteristics of an Organisation with high personal wellbeing
  • Understand the cost of poor performance resulting from a lack of wellbeing at work
  • Understand the factors which impact on wellbeing and ill-health in the workplace
  • Understand the key role of the manager in maintaining a healthy workforce
  • Understand the importance of Senior Management buy-in in promoting Wellbeing
  • Understand the options available for improving Employee Wellbeing
  • Implement appropriate interventions for reducing stress at work

Services available:

The Working Well Services below can be chosen on their own or as part of a Consultancy package:

Working Well Training Programme

Whatever your requirements, we can design and deliver an effective solution that meets your needs.  We also have a portfolio of interactive training courses that can be delivered face-to-face or via our blended learning portal:


For the Organisation

  • Increase staff morale, productivity and engagement by recognising and supporting Wellbeing at Work;
  • Improve Business by demonstrating an effective wellbeing strategy to members and staff;
  • Increase understanding of wellbeing so that effective solutions can be integrated into the Organisation;
  • Improve customer engagement by demonstrating the link between customer service and wellbeing;
  • Reduce staff sickness absence rates and presenteeism;

For Staff

  • Understand stress, and the impact on individuals and the organisation;
  • Take appropriate action to manage stress;
  • Understand your role in promoting a culture of wellbeing;
  • Feel empowered to take action to improve Organisational wellbeing;
  • Know how to feel good and function well at work;
  • Improve the skills of managers to manage mental health and wellbeing at work;
  • Create alignment between Organisation objectives, vision and staff engagement.


  •  100% success rate.

I am very happy to recommend Aleigh’s programme to you. She is a highly professional, skilled coach who is conducting research which will be of real benefit to the understanding and practice of coaching and wellbeing thereby improving the quality of working lives.

Beryl Badger

Retired from Plymouth University but still active in HR.