Wellbeing & Life Coaching – for personal and professional success

Change your Life with Wellbeing & Life Coaching                          

(For Workplace Coaching, see our Working Well Coaching Programme)

Coaching comes in many forms, you have most likely heard of it used within sport, but today, coaching and especially wellbeing & life coaching is a highly effective way of achieving results across a multitude of professional and personal areas. Interest in coaching has grown from something high powered executives do to a mainstream activity that can have benefits on your goal progress, career, self-confidence, communication, relationships, leadership, performance and effectiveness at work, health and wellbeing, resilience as well as broader goals such as improving the quality of life.

Coaching is undertaken between an accredited coach and a client and aims to support the client achieve their full potential. This is achieved through the Coach listening to the Client and then asking powerful questions that explore the situation from different perspectives therefore enabling greater self-awareness and understanding for the client. This increases the possibilities that can change a client’s reality and options for the future.

Coaching for Wellbeing can be utilised in the same context as general coaching, however it places an emphasis on the underlying wellbeing and therefore has the added advantage of supporting clients in achieving their goals whilst also overcoming stress and achieving a greater sense of mental wellbeing.

Here is a taster of some of the questions we ask in a coaching session:

  1. What is the area of your work/life that you would like to focus on in today’s session?
  2. What aspects of your life would you like to be different?
  3. What is it that provides you with the greatest happiness?
  4. What does success look like to you?
  5. If anything was possible, what would you do?

A coaching session lasts between 1-3hrs (depending on what has been agreed between yourself and the coach) during this time we will help you understand what you would like to be different, your choices and your actions going forward.  Let’s start with the easy question first, are you ready to take the first step towards personal and professional success?  Contact me to arrange your first no-obligation free trial session.