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about coaching for wellbeing

Aleigh has the ability to see that which you cannot see because you are so close to it.  Once you appreciate the barriers – many of which you yourself have erected – you can work through a plan to progress and break down those things that are preventing you from achieving your goals.  Aleigh also offers much in the way of pragmatic, calm and logical solutions.

About Coaching for Wellbeing

We believe in developing effective relationships with our clients so that they are empowered to make changes that enhance their lives.  Therefore, we will never pressure a client into booking sessions and offer a no obligation free consultation so that our clients can try us out before committing to coaching with us.


We believe that coaching is a highly effective way of gaining control of our personal and professional lives so that we make effective choices, become more self-aware and understand what gives our lives purpose and happiness.


Our Values Statement:

Inspiring Health: Creating Wellbeing


Our aim:

  • To encourage our clients to achieve their goals, recognise their innate ability to experience wellbeing and to flourish;
  • To demonstrate that successful business comes from recognising and valuing the wellbeing of employees.
  • To empower organisations to make appropriate changes to gain organisational success through employee and workplace wellbeing, quality leadership and effective management


Our Work:


To undertake cutting edge research about how coaching creates change in the mental wellbeing of working adults and to provide our clients with the resources to implement these changes.

About Aleigh Sydenham

Aleigh is passionate about inspiring others to flourish through an enthusiasm for wellbeing. She has delivered over 1500 coaching hours, has a Masters in Personnel and Development, is a qualified, IIC Accredited Coach and NLP Practitioner and a Chartered Member of the CIPD. She utilises a combination of Coaching, NLP and Human Resources techniques to empower and support her clients in recognising and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Aleigh has worked across Public, Private and Not-For-Profit Organisations in the UK and abroad. She is an active member of the CIPD and has held various roles on the CIPD Devon and Cornwall Branch since 2005, She is currently the Devon and Cornwall Branch lead for Health and Wellbeing.  Her passion for wellbeing has grown over the last 10 years where her focus has been on improving employee wellbeing and reducing stress.  She is the founder of the revolutionary Coaching for Wellbeing programme, which has demonstrated significant improvement in 100% of the participants’ wellbeing within three-months.

Aleigh is currently undertaking a PhD into How coaching creates change in the mental well-being of working adults at Plymouth University.  As part of this she is working with Organisations helping them to understand modern day pressures that cause stress and overcome these to achieve personal and professional wellbeing.

Aleigh lives in Devon with her Husband and daughter, In her spare time Aleigh is a keen harpist and an active member of the Exeter Symphony Orchestra.

Tel: 07791 562347 email: info@coachingforwellbeing.org

web: www.coachingforwellbeing.org