Aleigh is a passionate coach who has a genuine desire to provide the right level of support for her clients. She is professional, confidential and enjoys injecting a bit of fun into the coaching relationship where appropriate.


HR Consultant

As a client I found her coaching style and methods extremely effective and successful as a result I would highly recommend anyone looking for a coach and mentor to put Aleigh at the top of your list of potential candidates.


HR Consultant

I found the course extremely useful and learnt a lot from it. I would be happy to recommend Aleigh to anyone experiencing stress.  It affects so many people and to get help with dealing with it should make a huge difference to people’s lives.


Aleigh has been invaluable in helping me to turn my ideas into a reality.  Thank you!


Aleigh was great, very welcoming, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.  Will recommend to others in the future. (Returned to employment whilst attending sessions following 2yrs of unemployment)


When I first started working with Aleigh, I felt stuck and I knew that things in my life didn’t quite feel where they should be, however, I wasn’t clear about what I really wanted. Aleigh helped me really cut through to the root of the issues in a supportive and encouraging way, so that i gained insight and clarity into what I really wanted, and most importantly she facilitated and guided me gently through the process of putting a plan of action together so that I could really set things in motion, and begin achieving real change, and step into my true path.


HR Manager

Aleigh has the ability to see that which you cannot see because you are so close to it.  Once you appreciate the barriers – many of which you yourself have erected – you can work through a plan to progress and break down those things that are preventing you from achieving your goals.  Aleigh also offers much in the way of pragmatic, calm and logical solutions.

2017 Client

She has done an awesome job at bringing out the confidence in me and making me feel good about myself and the things I do.


I found the session productive: Aleigh was extremely helping, professional and informative.  She gave me many things to thing about and work on – CV, application forms, personal approach to job applications.  She was also friendly and made me feel relaxed, we achieved a lot.


Had five great sessions with Aleigh and covered everything and more I needed to.  I would highly recommend to anybody trying to get back to work.


Very helpful, our sessions had a big impact on how I will/am going about applying for jobs (returned to employment shortly following sessions after 12months of being unemployed)


Aleigh is an experienced and professional Coach who always acts with integrity and uses her wide range of experience to help her clients achieve their goals and objectives. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending her services.



When I first started having coaching with Aleigh I was unsure of what i even needed coaching for.   However, she was soon able to help me identify which areas of my life needed direction and lacked balance. Our coaching sessions have greatly helped me improve my self esteem, help reduce my stress levels and that feeling of being overwhelmed. I have also become much more self aware, motivated and organised. Aleigh has a wonderful ability to gently challenge negative thought patterns and old habits allowing clarity and inspiration to flow but at the same time provides a safe and open space to do this. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone.



After 3yrs of not working, Jayney gained work following the first session (within two weeks)


Lovely, friendly and knowledgeable advisor who didn’t make me feel intimidated.  Overall excellent experience of something that sounded terrifying to start with.


I found it very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone else.


I found Aleigh warm, knowledgeable, helpful and interested in my business plans.  Thank you!


Aleigh is knowledgeable, professional and empathic. She has some great ideas and works with her clients in an intuitive way to bring out their full potential which helps to motivate them to further success.